3 Fictional Characters I Can Describe Myself In

There is a hashtag that has emerged over the past week that I realized, this is relevant enough for me to write a little something about. The hashtag I’m referring to is #DescribeYourselfin3FictionalCharacters. What you would do is you would post three pictures of three different fictional characters that you can relate to as far as personality goes.

Normally when it comes to trending hashtags, I may acknowledge them for a minute and be on my way. But this one is quite interesting as in explores the power of relating to fictional characters. Creators, for the most part, work really hard to make a fictional character their own being with a personality accompanied by unique quirks; and more often than not, when successful, there are fans who can relate to the characters. If anything, this hashtag signifies what characters have been effective in being developed enough to where fans can relate to them.

I posted a picture on Thursday on Instagram of three characters I relate to. Today, I want to go over each one and explain who they are and why I chose them.

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1. Avatar Korra

Avatar Korra is the protagonist in the TV series, “The Legend of Korra;” a spin-off to “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” A native of the Southern Water Tribe, right off the back, she makes it clear that despite being the reincarnation of Aang, she is not at all like him. While she’s very good at mastering the elements, she struggles with connecting with the spiritual side of being the avatar. She’s hot-headed, stubborn, impatient, and has a rage like no other. However over the course of the series, she does mature as she continues to grow as the avatar. With the growth, while it smooths out her personality traits, that doesn’t, by any means, make them disappear altogether.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I’m a huge fan of the Avatar universe. When “The Legend of Korra” first came on the air, I was able to immediately relate to Korra. While she is much more egotistical than I am, I was able to connect with all the other traits about her, such as her stubbornness, impatience, and temper. I can be like that too, and boy are people in for a shock when they don’t see it coming. I also can understand why Korra is like that, especially after being kept at the South Pole most of her life, which is why I can relate to her even on that level as well. There’s a reason why I cosplayed as her at Comic-Con.

2. Carson Phillips

Carson Phillips is the protagonist of the indie film, “Struck By Lightning.” An intelligent, passion-driven kid, he wants nothing more than to break away from his small-minded small town, study in the journalism department at Northwestern University, and later go on and become the editor of The New Yorker and also write for all the top newspapers in America. However, in order to improve his chances of getting into the prestigious university, it’s suggested he put together a literary magazine, as a way of showing how he can inspire other people to write. This is what eventually leads to him blackmailing his shallow-minded classmates into submitting work for the publication.

When I first learned that the film’s writer, Chris Colfer, was writing a movie, I was excited but also didn’t know what to expect. But the more I learned about it and when I eventually got around to seeing it, I was wowed by how much I was able to relate to him. He just wants to get out of his small town and go on to fulfill his dreams, amidst the constraints that are holding him back, and that is something I see myself in. I have read how critics don’t like the film for Carson’s cynical attitude, but all I can think to myself, Well you would be pissed off too if you were a thriving intellectual forced to go to school with people who don’t think outside the box. In many ways, I see Carson as the male version of high school me. That’s why I appreciate the film so much.

3. Lilo Pelekai

Lilo is a main character in the film, “Lilo & Stitch” (as well as all other media of the franchise such as the spin-off movies and the TV series). An eccentric young girl, her personality traits isolate her from the other girls in her hula school, making her feel very lonely. However, when she meets illegal alien experiment 626 for the first time, she adopts him as her dog, names him Stitch, and and two develop a bond unlike any other.

I may have mentioned in the past how when “Lilo & Stitch” first came out, I really appreciated seeing a character like her in a Disney film. I liked how we got to see a weird girl who, despite not having a lot of friends because of her quirks, she never once feels pressure to conform at all in any way. She’s still a regular human being who needs love and a friend, and with the mentality I had back then (and even now in some way), I could relate to that.

So that is why I chose these three characters for #DescribeYourselfIn3FictionalCharacters. Have you taken on this hashtag at all and if so, which three characters did you choose and why? Please do comment below your answers, for I’m very curious to know. I hope there are more hashtags like this that have us really think about our favorite characters.



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