As I Await Dawn…

An Absolute Mind is ready for its release into the world. It’s just all in the matters of waiting out the remaining weeks until November 15th. Meanwhile, in the midst of already sending out advanced copies to certain individuals, I’ve been stressing out of my mind in recent time, wanting more than anything for people to actually read this book and respond positively to it. It’s gotten to the point now where the stress is affecting my sleep, as I’ve had many restless nights this past week.

Despite the stress and last-minute preparations, I find myself having the inkling to read from two very particular sources; one of the books I’m currently borrowing from a library, the other being recently released and awaiting for me to lay down some money for a copy to buy. Continue reading “As I Await Dawn…”

Concealed Curtains and Talking Story

I was just re-reading a few blog posts from within the first month I started writing this blog, and I realized how two consecutive posts actually complement one another. One of them was about being open with people you may only speak with for the moment and then never see again (or at least for a long time), while the other one is about the illusions we uphold on different aspects of our identities.

The two topics complement each other, through the matters of how you can have a conversation with anyone, and however engaging and insightful it may be, there’s a chance that you may not get around to revealing too much about yourself, by choice might I add. Continue reading “Concealed Curtains and Talking Story”

Special Sunday Post: My First Time on a Podcast!

Hey everyone! So it’s normally not usual for me to announce when I’ve been interviewed for anything, but I’m making an exception in this case. Not only is the first interview in promotion of An Absolute Mind now online, but it also marks my first time on a podcast.

I’ve had the honor of being a guest on Alex Barnett’s Multiracial Family Man podcast. We talked a lot about my mixed race background, what it was like for me growing up, what it means to be mixed race in today’s time, and also how I incorporate the mixed race narrative into my two novels.

Many thanks to Alex for having me on the podcast! If you want to listen to it, check it out here.

Thanks for reading this special Sunday post, and I’ll be back on Saturday with my regularly scheduled post.


Keeping Up With Content While Creating Content

This blog post topic inspiration spurred from a podcast episode I listened to about two months ago, where the guest for that week was Wong Fu co-founder, Phil Wang. He talked a lot about how it can be a struggle with keeping up with content as it comes out, when you yourself are a content creator. Just to paint a picture as to what I mean by that, the week he was on that podcast, his webseries “Single By 30” just came out, and yet the most recent content he had consumed at the time was “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

After listening to that episode, it got me thinking a lot as to how it applies to my own life as a content creator myself. I began thinking about what I do to be as informed with what’s hot right now, while maintaining my own voice for the stories I put out there. It turned out to be a quick analysis on my end, for how I consume content is, perhaps, quite freeing, when compared to my other fellow millennials. Continue reading “Keeping Up With Content While Creating Content”

Empowerment Through Storytelling

This is one of those entries where I meant to write about something else, but due to recent events, I felt the need to rearrange my plans. In the past, I’ve talked a lot about not only finding reassurance through storytelling in light of current events, but also on just how valuable storytelling can be too, to rise above such issues. With the release of An Absolute Mind on the horizon and after everything that has happened this week on both the political and media fronts, this seems like a wise opportunity to talk about this again. Continue reading “Empowerment Through Storytelling”

Thoughts About Banned and Challenged Books

This past week in the United States was known as Banned Books Week. For those who don’t know, it’s an annual awareness campaign that emphasizes our First Amendment rights to the freedom to having books that include viewpoints that may be a little different. There have been many books that have either been challenged and/or banned altogether, mainly by parents who don’t like what their kids are reading for school, and so this week is to not only celebrate those books, but also shed light on why they were challenged. Continue reading “Thoughts About Banned and Challenged Books”