Keeping Up With Content While Creating Content

This blog post topic inspiration spurred from a podcast episode I listened to about two months ago, where the guest for that week was Wong Fu co-founder, Phil Wang. He talked a lot about how it can be a struggle with keeping up with content as it comes out, when you yourself are a content creator. Just to paint a picture as to what I mean by that, the week he was on that podcast, his webseries “Single By 30” just came out, and yet the most recent content he had consumed at the time was “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

After listening to that episode, it got me thinking a lot as to how it applies to my own life as a content creator myself. I began thinking about what I do to be as informed with what’s hot right now, while maintaining my own voice for the stories I put out there. It turned out to be a quick analysis on my end, for how I consume content is, perhaps, quite freeing, when compared to my other fellow millennials. Continue reading “Keeping Up With Content While Creating Content”