Concealed Curtains and Talking Story

I was just re-reading a few blog posts from within the first month I started writing this blog, and I realized how two consecutive posts actually complement one another. One of them was about being open with people you may only speak with for the moment and then never see again (or at least for a long time), while the other one is about the illusions we uphold on different aspects of our identities.

The two topics complement each other, through the matters of how you can have a conversation with anyone, and however engaging and insightful it may be, there’s a chance that you may not get around to revealing too much about yourself, by choice might I add.

The choice to do so, because it’s always a choice, can lead to varying effects on the person you’re speaking with; whether if they’re pondering for more information, intrigued by mystery, and what not. There are multiple reasons and approaches for just what exactly you reveal about yourself. But through a creative perspective, for me as a writer, I’m all about getting into a good conversation, but just revealing only so much about myself to still create a mystery. It’s an inclination I’ve established back in college, especially as my issues with trust have developed overtime, but as a writer who’s not super well known, it’s a way of leaving a subtle impression. It’s all about creating your own narrative.

Within the past month, there have been a few instances I can recall where I demonstrated, shall we say, “talking story and maintaining concealed curtains.” For example, I got into a conversation with a man I came across in a library, and briefly mentioned how I’m releasing my second novel soon. He was certainly impressed to hear that, and I chose to tell him because he has a passion for creative writing as well. More recently, I had a run-in with someone I used to go to high school with, and I actually didn’t get around to telling him a lot of what I’ve been up to the past several years; and that goes for my budding career as an author.

It goes beyond just who I tell and not tell that I’m an author to, for it runs a little deeper than that. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I recently appeared on a podcast for my first time. While I spoke quite a bit about my background as a mixed race person, trust me when I say that I hadn’t even revealed HALF of my experiences from that conversation alone. This is largely due to not only what questions were directed at me, but also as a way to save some facts for another time.

It’s a way of maintaining mystery, because sometimes mystery is important. While I realize that that may become a little more difficult to maintain the more books and content I write, I strive to limit the amount of information I put out there to others, but not without diminishing the quality of conversations.

Here’s the thing: While I’m not a big talker, I do enjoy conversations; in particular the deep and engaging type. I enjoy hearing about other people’s goals and dreams, beliefs and philosophies. Those are encounters that I live for. That’s why to me, it’s no wonder that in Hawaii, there’s a slang term for that; it’s all in the matters of being able to “talk story.” Besides, it’s through these kinds of conversations where you really get to know and learn about the person you’re talking to, without getting to the generic background information that may or may not be necessary to reveal. But like I said before, at the end of the day, it’s always your choice for how much you conceal and reveal about yourself.

There probably wasn’t necessary a point, let alone a solid conclusion, to today’s topic. It’s just that after re-reading those two posts I mentioned earlier, I felt the need to revisit them. To have a conversation with another is, in my mind, another way of storytelling (hence “talk story”). It’s a scope that I aim to keep perfecting with the more interactions I have with different people throughout my life.

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