As I Await Dawn…

An Absolute Mind is ready for its release into the world. It’s just all in the matters of waiting out the remaining weeks until November 15th. Meanwhile, in the midst of already sending out advanced copies to certain individuals, I’ve been stressing out of my mind in recent time, wanting more than anything for people to actually read this book and respond positively to it. It’s gotten to the point now where the stress is affecting my sleep, as I’ve had many restless nights this past week.

Despite the stress and last-minute preparations, I find myself having the inkling to read from two very particular sources; one of the books I’m currently borrowing from a library, the other being recently released and awaiting for me to lay down some money for a copy to buy.

The library book that’s in my possession right now is the second volume of a series of interviews and essays done by or with Hayao Miyazaki on the films released during the latter half of his directing career (not including “The Wind Rises”). I read this book, as well as its first volume, about a year ago, with the want to learn about the making of these fantastic films of his and all the different elements to consider that are incorporated into each one.

The book that was recently released that I really aim to buy in the near future is Phil Collins’ memoir, Not Dead Yet. It’s an in-depth look on his life and his career, via the perspective of not a pop culture journalist but the man himself. I’ve been keeping up with the promotion he’s been doing for it all week, and that has even included being excited beyond words when I watched him perform “In the Air Tonight” on “The Tonight Show.”

The reason why these books are either in my possession or I want them to be results me in jumping ahead on a particular about An Absolute Mind. Basically, both Miyazaki and Collins have served as primary influences for this novel of mine. Miyazaki has influenced me greatly, in the department of the approach to the story and character development. Collins on the other hand has helped set the tone, as well as serve as an idol in the eyes of one of my lead characters.

The need to read the words of both before I take off with my second novel feels like a wise and right thing to do. It’s almost like a way of consulting them without directing speaking with them. Reading their words and understanding their creative visions would (and does) give me the mindset to understanding my own vision. I can already confirm that from reading Miyazaki’s essays and interviews. For Phil Collins, I can imagine reading his memoir to an explosion of understanding, for when writing An Absolute Mind, it was all in the matter of interpreting what he could be expressing through his songs.

This is how I’ve been occupying my time in terms of reading. It’s all in the matter of gaining perspective as I await dawn.

An Absolute Mind is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords, and will be officially released on November 15th. Be sure to also go to its Goodreads page and let me know you’re excited for it by adding it to your “to read” list.


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