5 Things About “An Absolute Mind” I’m Most Proud Of

This whole month has been devoted to celebrating the release of my second novel, An Absolute Mind, and on this last Saturday of November, that fact is not about to change. While there are a few things about the novel that, looking back on it now, I wish I had done better, I definitely see fit to pat myself on the back on the different aspects of the story that made it what it is now. Therefore, inspired by a video released by Phil Wang yesterday, today I’m going to go over five things about An Absolute Mind I’m most proud of (and for those who haven’t read it, don’t worry, for this is a spoiler-free post). Let’s get started: Continue reading “5 Things About “An Absolute Mind” I’m Most Proud Of”



I’m catching my breath for a minute on this Saturday morning as I look back on this week… and what a week it’s been! I can’t believe it. I released my second novel! This makes for an exciting time that is to be celebrated and cherished to the fullest.

Unlike within the first few days following the release of A Moment’s Worth, the response to An Absolute Mind has definitely been more immediate. For one thing, as mentioned in my previous post, the very first review was released a week before the novel was published, and I’m so happy to see how the reviewer Catie made it evident on how much she liked it. Continue reading “Aftermath”

Special Wednesday Post: The First Review and the Print Editions

Okay, so I wasn’t planning to write another post the day after An Absolute Mind came out, but due to a few new updates, I felt it necessary to share them as soon as possible.

With that said, I’d like to go over the first item. As it turns out, the first review for An Absolute Mind has been out since last week. FanGirlNation Magazine wrote a thoughtful (and positive) review, highlighting specific details they liked about the novel, all the while keeping all the plot twists and other maneuvers under wraps. Continue reading “Special Wednesday Post: The First Review and the Print Editions”

The Future of America and “An Absolute Mind”

This is it. We are down to the final days before the release of my second novel, An Absolute Mind. Without a doubt, I am getting excited, as an author should be when they’re about to release a novel; regardless of whether it’s the second novel, or the fiftieth. But since my previous post – let alone in the months leading up to today’s post – there’s obviously some emotional weight going into it now.

I’m releasing my second novel post-Election 2016. I knew how pivotal it was going to be. I just did not expect for the aftermath to be what it is. This was my second time voting in the presidential election, and never had I expected an outcome like this. In fact, out of all the presidential elections that I’ve been alive to see, never have I been in this much dismay over the outcome of one. Continue reading “The Future of America and “An Absolute Mind””

Before You Read “An Absolute Mind”: Recommended Readings

We are down to the wire at this point. It is finally November, and as of today, we are now ten days away from the release of my second novel, An Absolute Mind. Since my previous post, my condition has improved over the past week, and I think that largely has to do with the number of outlets who are picking up on the book’s impending release and taking interest in it. It’s an exciting time, and hopefully the excitement I feel will outdo any additional stress that may come my way. Continue reading “Before You Read “An Absolute Mind”: Recommended Readings”