Special Wednesday Post: The First Review and the Print Editions

Okay, so I wasn’t planning to write another post the day after An Absolute Mind came out, but due to a few new updates, I felt it necessary to share them as soon as possible.

With that said, I’d like to go over the first item. As it turns out, the first review for An Absolute Mind has been out since last week. FanGirlNation Magazine wrote a thoughtful (and positive) review, highlighting specific details they liked about the novel, all the while keeping all the plot twists and other maneuvers under wraps.

It’s an honor to have had FanGirlNation write the first review for An Absolute Mind. They are a magazine that’s devoted to celebrating girls and women embracing their geeky selves, favorite fandoms, and squash any stereotypes on how such a world is only limited to guys. As a bonus, they’ve also done some great press for the works of fellow author, Peter Tieryas, in the past, and so I knew that they would be a wise publication to turn to for this novel of mine.

So thank you FanGirlNation (more specifically Catie) for doing the very first review for An Absolute Mind. I enjoyed reading your insight into your thoughts about the novel.

The other item is that An Absolute Mind is now available for print. In case you missed yesterday’s update, you can buy it off of CreateSpace. As of today, I’m happy to say that you can now buy it off Amazon too. I know there are people out there who really want a print version, and so I’m glad to make that happen this time around. As I said before, it will be available on other outlets in a matter of weeks. Stay tuned for those updates.

That just about does it for right now. Unless if any note-worthy updates happen in the next few days, then the next post will be my regularly scheduled Saturday blog post. In the mean time, if you’ve already bought An Absolute Mind and are reading it, I hope you’re enjoying it. If you haven’t bought it yet, it would be the world to me if you could.

Until Saturday…


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