Special Sunday Post: “From Within the Mind”

So I have a little surprise for everyone. If you’ve been following this blog for the past few years or have been exploring it as of recently, then you may know how three months after I released my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth, I did a month-long series of blog posts called “Behind the Moments,” where I described behind-the-scenes details about the making of it. Well, seeing that February will be three months since I released An Absolute Mind, I’m going to do the same thing. Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: “From Within the Mind””

Thoughts About Escapism

At this time two years ago, I was already writing what would eventually become An Absolute Mind. It was easy to slip in that mindset of its setting in an optimistic future, given the conditions of my country back then. While I can’t say that everything was peaceful, as far as privileges and rights go, they were as intact and secure as ever, and even got better when the Supreme Court finally made the historic decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

If I were to write An Absolute Mind today, I honestly am not sure how I would be able to effectively slip into that mindset and make that future as positive as it is, given everything that’s been happening in the week since Trump took office. There’s so much to go off of. Women’s rights are in danger. The press is being censored. “Alternative facts” have apparently become a thing. The proposed wall to border Mexico is actually being pursued… somehow. As of recently, immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-dominant countries are banned from entering the country. It’s horrendous and difficult to read about. It’s history repeating itself, and then some. Continue reading “Thoughts About Escapism”

President Obama on Books and Storytelling: Recommended Reading

In case you didn’t know already, sometimes I’ll write and schedule a blog post ahead of its Saturday publication. This one is one of those days. While you are reading this on Saturday, this was written two days in advance, on President Barack Obama’s last full day in office. While I have zero intention of watching the inauguration, I can still imagine the reality of Friday leaving me drained to some degree. That’s why it only seemed right to write this post while Obama is still in office – especially since this post is about him. Continue reading “President Obama on Books and Storytelling: Recommended Reading”

20 Years of Enchanting Complexity and Storytelling: About “Princess Mononoke”

Nearly two years ago, I started making the effort to expand my dialogue about storytelling by going beyond the boundaries of books and out into the mediums of TV and film. As I mentioned at the end of 2016, I aim to get back into doing these analysis pieces once every other month about a TV show or film that has reached a significant time in its history (i.e. series premiere, series finale, film release, anniversary of a release, etc.). It’s been six months since I last did one of these pieces, for the previous one was about Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy-Award winning film, “Spirited Away.” Today, in honor of its recent 20th anniversary screenings and the director’s birthday that just passed, I shall be discussing another Miyazaki masterpiece; the one that put him on the map as an international filmmaking master. Today, I shall be going over his film, “Princess Mononoke.

Continue reading “20 Years of Enchanting Complexity and Storytelling: About “Princess Mononoke””

Why I Include LGBT Characters in My Novels

Judging from the title of this week’s blog post, it might be a bit of a head scratcher to start off the new year with this particular topic. However, I found it necessary to do so, for a specific reason. A week ago, someone (who shall remain nameless) had written a review on An Absolute Mind, and had quite a number of things to say about it – and not exactly in a positive light, might I add. But what infuriated me was when this individual referred to the same-sex relationships presented in the novel as a “lifestyle.”

Since discovering this review, I’ve wracked my mind over what I can do about it; not that I would normally jump on anything and everything negative one would say about my novels, but this comment is not criticism of the story itself, but rather one of different proportions. Now I could sit back and be silent, or I could fight back. It’s 2017, so I’m choosing the latter, for I feel that this instance presents itself an opportunity to educate others on why I include LGBT characters in my novels. Continue reading “Why I Include LGBT Characters in My Novels”