Special Sunday Post: Last Days of “The Geek Show” Indiegogo Campaign

Hey everyone!

I come to you for a second time this weekend with an announcement. You might remember how last month, I had mentioned the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for a theatre production I’m doing called “The Geek Show.” Well, at this time, we are down to the last days of our campaign, and we are a little more than halfway to our goal.

Basically put, we can really use all the help that we can get. While unlike Kickstarter, we won’t lose all the money that we’ve gained, it still would be ideal to actually reach our goal. A lot of us have been working really hard to make this show the best that it can very be, and it would mean so much to see this campaign through.

This is where you’ll find our Indiegogo campaign. If you have contributed to it, we thank you deeply. If you are financially unable to contribute, then you can do us the next best thing by helping us spread the word about it. The more people who know, the better. This is going to be something really special, and I can’t wait for audiences to pack in and watch our geeky spiels.

Side note: If you live in or will be in the San Francisco Bay Area next month, then you’ll be happy to hear that tickets for “The Geek Show” can now be purchased.


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