Progress in Collaborations

At the end of last year, I had done a post about how I really want to push myself into doing more creative collaborations this year. Well, we are now a quarter into 2017 (shocking, I know), and to my surprise, I’ve found myself in quite a few collaborations already. While I won’t go into specifics as to what they are (especially since a number of them are still works-in-progress), I can attest to what I’ve gained and learned from them so far.

In many ways, it’s been a rewarding experience. It’s already amazing to discover what you can create just on your own. However, it’s insanely thrilling when you discover what you can create with others. This experience can definitely be applied to “The Geek Show;” especially as we near its show dates later this month. We the creators, cast, and crew are brought together as geeks of all kinds, and together, we’ve created something that really highlights that. It’s quite beautiful!

I’ve also learned how collaborations can also require quite a bit of time. Apart from what the project may entail, it also may be due to other obligations the participants in the project have and how effective it can be to work together when they live in different places. I know that is the case with some of the ones I’m currently working on, and I’m okay with that. Life can get in the way, and sometimes it’s wisest to roll with it until you can yield it to your convenience.

A major takeaway from this experience so far is knowing when a collaboration is not going to work. While the project may sound appealing upon pitch or approach, it’s wisest to ask as many questions as possible before delving into it. Whether it be due to it falling short of where it could be quality-wise or if the potential collaborator is one that you wouldn’t mesh well with, an advisable methodology is to figure out as many details as early as you can. That’s what I did with a project that I was approached to me, and after asking some questions, I knew in my gut to turn it down. Avoid becoming a “yes person,” by any means.

The collaborations I’ve been taking part of have been great so far, and I look forward to seeing the final products for the ones still in progress. I also await to see what other opportunities come up and/or come my way, for I’d love to explore all and any ways I can put my writing skills to the test when in creative collaboration with others.

An Absolute Mind is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & NobleCreateSpace, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. If you read it, please leave a review, for they’re greatly appreciated and help me grow as a writer. Also, be sure to check out its Goodreads page, and feel free to leave any questions you have about the book.

Also, today is the last day of the Indiegogo campaign for “The Geek Show,” so if you can, please donate, for we the cast and creators want it to be the very best when we put it on later this month.

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