Drops of Inspiration

Of the creators I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in my life so far, a common occurrence that we share is that sometimes, we get our ideas while in the bathroom; specifically in the shower. It’s a strange phenomenon that happens regularly. In fact, whenever I’m struggling with a writer’s block or attempting to come up with an idea, I’ll make an excuse to take a shower, for more often than not, ideas somehow comes to me then. But lately I’ve been wondering: Of all places, why the shower? What a random place for an idea to arrive! Well, that’s where I do a little digging and reporting of my findings.

My research for why this occurrence is common is pretty straight forward and understandable once you put it in perspective. For one thing, you’re in a bathroom. That’s one of the very few places where you’re less likely to get any interruptions. You’re also least likely to be distracted, and with your guarantee of privacy, together with hot water to shower yourself with, you’re most likely going to feel very relaxed. It’s when the world doesn’t harpoon you with unending stress that your mind is most open.

It also helps that it doesn’t require much thinking when you’re washing yourself in the shower. Scrubbing your body does not require the same mental capacity as one would if they were, say, solving a difficult math equation or performing brain surgery. Efforts are mechanically in tune with what to do as your mind is free to wander. Together with the relaxing environment, your mind becomes unaware of the surroundings and instead becomes more in tune with your internal thoughts, as you enter an almost meditative state.

Through such a state comes the possibility for ideas to come in, and how metaphorical it is where as the ideas flow, so does the water. It really does put things into perspective when this occurrence is broken down like that.

I don’t know if the process by which the shower inspires ideas works the same way it’s described in these articles for everyone. For me personally, this research has hit it right on the nose. Showering requires very little effort, and so to let your mind without judgment, ideas are sure to be found. It’s one of the rarest times where you can truly be one with yourself and your mind, and that’s when ideas are at their strongest.

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