Special Friday Post: Tune in this Sunday for My First TV Interview!

As if the title of this blog post doesn’t already give it away, allow me to re-iterate: This Sunday, my very first TV interview is going to air. I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed for “Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa;” a weekly half hour talk show that discusses newsmakers, events, and other unique perspectives of the Asian American community here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I sat down with Robert to talk about both my novel, An Absolute Mind, and about “The Geek Show.”

The episode will air this Sunday on NBC Bay Area at 5:30AM (so either set up your DVR for it or wake up really early). If you have COZI TV, then you have the option to watch it on there at 6:00PM. If you live outside the Bay Area, don’t worry, for my segment will be made available online after the episode has aired. I will guide you where to see it once it’s posted.

This is very exciting for me to actually be appearing on a talk show for my first time to discuss my work. If it is as my over-the-moon parents can predict, I hope it’s the first of many (according to Robert, they get easier too).

Otherwise, that just about does it for this announcement. I hope you tune in to watch the interview. In the mean time, come back tomorrow for my regularly scheduled blog post.

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