Recommended Listening… and Remembering

Traditionally on the first Saturday of May, I would hone in on the fact that it’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and tie that in to my continually growing thoughts about portrayal of Asian American characters and narratives in literature. While that was the intended plan for today’s post, after what has happened this week, it just doesn’t feel right (and I’m not just talking about the sh** storm the GOP party continues to stir).

A month ago, a guy I knew went missing. Throughout the entirety of April, even during the run of “The Geek Show,” I have been stressing over his whereabouts and what may have happened to him. The location where he was last seen is a little out of the way for me to travel to, which is why I was unable to partake in any of the search parties that went on. This past Wednesday, I received the news that he had been found, but my worst fears had also been realized. He died the day he disappeared.

I’ve paid tribute to him already with a write-up I did a few hours after I found out the news, but I wanted to pay tribute to him on this site too. Traditionally, these Recommended Analyzing posts were started when I’m lost for words following a death or a generally tragic event during the week. Well, with this one, it reflects the original intention for starting these posts. However, what makes this one unique is that what I’m recommending you to listen today was created by the friend himself.

You see, his passion was for the performing arts; in singing, acting, and (because he was majoring in Music Education) teaching. I wanted to share with you some of that passion of his. A video that I’ve seen constantly being shared since his passing is this 23 1/2-minute piano medley of some of the hit songs from 2011. It definitely makes for something truly incredible to both listen and watch. Please check out the video, to get a sense of what a talented, driven person he was, and a taste of what he may have become.

RIP Kevin Redrico (1993-2017)

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression and/or contemplating suicide, there are people there who can help. Don’t ever feel ashamed to ask for it: 

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