Happy 3rd Anniversary to “The Shadows”!

I’m at that point now where it’s been three years since becoming a published author. For those who’ve been following this blog, then you’ll know that that happened not when I released A Moment’s Worth in July 2014, but about a month and a half before via a soft launch, when I made my short story, “The Shadows,” available to Kindle users.

This is the official synopsis for it:

Just like how light can contradict darkness, darkness can obscure the light.
That’s exactly how the shadows – the Sun Spirits – work as they go about day-to-day, observing humanity. However, after hearing too much about humanity’s act of ongoing violence and other wrongdoings during the daily meeting of the Council of the Sun Spirits, the Chieftain declares a ban on the appearance of the sun for all of eternity. It will take a lot of conviction from the council for him to see with eyes of reasoning.

It’s a story that, to this day, I remain to be proud of; for its fantastical elements, its moral focus, and positive outcome. However, at this time, three years later, in this current political climate, much like An Absolute Mind, it unintentionally has taken on a particular significance.

Not to say that it was any less relevant before, for the story already focused a lot on ongoing issues and events back then, that still go on now. Even during last year’s anniversary, I noted how understandable it was for the Chieftain to be resistant to let the sun shine another day on earth, when at the time, we had a buffoon of a man running for president. How unfortunate it is to see where that went a year later.

That, as well as the tragic events that happened in the world this past week such as the bombing in Manchester, the bombing in Bangkok, and the attack on Marawhi City have also contributed to the irony of what is addressed in the story (which came out shortly after the Isle Vista shooting). It’s with these persistent circumstances where I can’t help but think to myself, “Is there an end in sight? Is anyone willing to do anything about this to make any of this stop? When will we reach the light at the end of the tunnel?”

With all that in mind is what brings me to my next point. While this story was published three years ago, I wrote it back in 2013. Considering that reality, the fact that it’s been four years since I wrote it, I wonder as to whether or not I’d be able to write it with the same heart and same optimism as I did then, given the circumstances of the present day. While as a human alone, I remain to be optimistic in different situations, my outlook has also hardened quite a bit.

I took note of this recently while working on a small, secret project where I’m revisiting characters of my creation. I took note of how difficult it was to recapture them in a similar light as before, and I just knew that it wasn’t just limited to my growth as a writer. My mentality has definitely experienced a change as well, and while I’m still figuring out to what extent as I proceed forward with new projects, I know that there’s no going back from here on out.

Nevertheless, despite the change in time between now and three years ago, I don’t regret releasing “The Shadows.” I still believe it to be an important story to be out there for people to read. Despite the darkness we find ourselves in these days, there are still beams of light that are worth noting; in resistance fighters, in first responders, in the ongoing progression of art, and in hope. For those who read “The Shadows” nowadays, I hope that they see that very same light reflected by its conclusion.

“The Shadows” is only available on Amazon, so be sure to go buy it here. For commentary on how this story came to be, check that out here. Also, if you can spare time to read it, then I hope you can spare a little more to leave a review of it as well.

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