Loving Day and Busy Days (and a Surprise)

I’m not proud of the circumstance surrounding the development of this particular blog post, for I feel in this case scenario that I’m just putting something out there for the sake of putting something out there. However, I’m writing this to not only keep to my streak, but that there actually is something that I want to briefly touch upon.

First, let me clear the air when I say that even though it’s Saturday, I’m writing this a few days in advance. The past few days have been unbearably busy with reading “Raisin in the Sun,” work on a script, preparing material for my weekend tutoring job, work on a secret project, and waiting in between time for posthumous tunes to drop. Oh, and I have my first little sale going on for An Absolute Mind, in honor of Loving Day.

Yes, that is my segway into discussing this important day in U.S. history that Trump is most likely not going to acknowledge. For those who don’t know, Loving Day celebrates the day Loving v. Virginia was decided on by the Supreme Court, where bans on interracial marriage were declared unconstitutional in the remaining states that still upheld them at the time. There was a biopic that was released last fall about the plaintiffs, Mildred and Richard Loving, respectively titled “Loving,” and there are celebrations happening all over the country this weekend celebrating this historical event. Loving Day is on Monday June 12th and this year’s celebration is particularly special. The reason why is that it’s been 50 years since Loving v. Virginia happened.

I have every intent on celebrating Loving Day to the fullest, and I go in depth on its personal significance to me in this piece I had published earlier this week. One way that I’m celebrating is through this sale that I’m having for An Absolute Mind. If you’ve read it, then you should know by now that it’s set in a time where many more people identify as mixed race; the protagonist included. While that particular future has yet to happen, I know for a fact that if it weren’t for Loving v. Virginia, it wouldn’t seem as likely. That’s why I’m doing this in celebration of Loving Day.

Use the code in the image when you make your order on CreateSpace and you’ll get 50% off. It’s very important that you bear in mind that it will only work on CreateSpace, so don’t try using it anywhere else. This code will be good through to the end of Loving Day on Monday, and so I highly suggest you use this opportunity to purchase the book if you haven’t already.

I aim for next week’s piece to be a bit more of my standard writing. Until then, keep your loved ones close and have a Happy Loving Day!



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