Special Tuesday Post: Coming July 11th…

If you’ve been following me either on social media or this blog, then you may recall how I’ve been working on a secret project the past few months. Well, to liven up what feels like, at least to me, a very off-feeling Independence Day here in the United States, and also the fact that I will be releasing it in one week, today I’m announcing just what this secret project of mine is. It’s not a large project, but it’s an important one; not only to me, but hopefully to others, as it brings the current political climate into the center of attention, via a short story. Yes that’s right: a short story; something I haven’t released on my own since 2014 when I released “The Shadows.” Next week, on July 11th, I’m releasing a short story called “46.”

designed by Lauren Lola
“46” is the closest thing I’m ever going to get to releasing a spin-off or a sequel or whatever you want to call it to my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth, as it revisits two characters from it; Yvonne and Justin. It’s been several years since their undergrad days of playing the game of seeing, befriending celebrity roommates, and learning about infinities. In the midst of grad studies, they return to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend a performance by the touring company of the hit musical, “Hamilton.” However, upon arrival at the newly opened Warm Springs BART station to catch a train to the city, they discover Islamophobic flyers occupying the front windows of vehicles in the parking lot. With an unsettling political climate weighing down on them, they work to remove all these flyers, not knowing that they would experience both the good and bad sides of taking part in the resistance.

I’ll do a post later on the making of this short story, but what I shall say for now is that this is ultimately a promise fulfilled that I made to myself a few years ago; the promise being that once the Warm Springs BART station, which has been under construction for quite some time, was open, that I would revisit these two characters and set a short story there. What I didn’t expect at the time I made this promise was that it would turn these two best friends from optimistic observers to informed resistance fighters.

Why am I releasing it now? It’s for several reasons apart from the obvious (the political climate). I wanted to release it within a few months after the Warm Springs BART station opened. Since Yvonne and Justin are in it, I also wanted it to coincide with the third anniversary since the release of A Moment’s Worth. On top of it all, because of the fact that it’s probably going to be a while before I release my third novel, I wanted to provide this for readers to get into in the meantime.

“46” will be available on all the platforms that A Moment’s Worth is on. However, it is not up for pre-order. It will be present on these designated platforms on the release day and I will make the links available here as soon as they’re ready.

I look forward to sharing this story with you all, and I hope that during these troubling times, you will take away something valuable from it.

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