Special Tuesday Post: “46” is Now Available!

One week after first announcing it, I am happy to announce that “46” is now available!

Much like all of my works, it is available as an e-book on several sights such as that of Amazon and Smashwords. More outlets will be made available in due time and once I put up a page exclusively for my short stories, I’ll be sure to update it as they appear.

I’m doing light promotion for this work, and give its subject matter and what it dwells into, it’s only right to do so. That is why if you do read “46” (and I strongly hope you do), please leave a review (on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, your own blog, etc.) and let other people know about it. This is, after all, a story that’s set in current times, and I would like nothing more for readers to take something away from it as we continue on with the resistance.

It’s also wise that I let you know in advance that because this short story spin-off to A Moment’s Worth has arrived a few days before its third anniversary, this weekend will be a two-post weekend. On Saturday is when I’ll be paying homage to my debut novel on the third anniversary since its release, and on Sunday, I will be providing an author’s commentary on the making of “46.” So be on the lookout for that, especially if you read it before then (seriously, the story is just over 5,000 words).

“46” is out now. I hope you all read it and gain something from it.

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