Special Friday Post: “Common Ground” Will Be Featured in “Stories High XVII”

Hey everyone!

If you had read last week’s blog post, you may recall how near the end, I briefly mentioned how I had a short play accepted to be featured in a showcase that’s happening later this summer. Well, today I want to elaborate more on that, as well as additional information.

So a short play that I’ve written earlier in the summer,”Common Ground,” has been accepted to be one of six short plays to be featured in “Stories High” at Bindlestiff Studio (and yes, this is the same place where “The Geek Show” was done). It’s an annual showcase that’s held every year, where short plays written by people who took a writing workshop are produced, performed by people who took a acting workshop, and directed by people who took a directing workshop. “Stories High” is a culmination of everyone’s hard work, knowledge, and creativity coming together; where new and returning talent come to stretch their wings.

This will be my second show with Bindlestiff and my first time having work featured in a “Stories High” showcase. It’s very special to me that I have a short play featured in it, for the first show I saw at Bindlestiff was “Stories High.” To now be one of the creative forces involved this time around is a full circle. I can’t wait for the run to begin.

There will be nine show dates for “Stories High;” beginning on August 31st and ending on September 16th, with all performances starting at 8pm. Tickets are now available for purchase and can be bought here.

So if you live in or will be in San Francisco during that three-week period, please come check it out. This won’t be the only time I mention “Stories High,” as I aim to do another post at a later time, where I will go more in depth on my play.

In the mean time, that just about does it for this off-schedule post. I’ll be back tomorrow with my regular weekly one.



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