“Your writing made me cry!”

“Lauren, your writing made me cry!”

This is a comment I’ve received a number of times with the writing I’ve done within the past five years. That’s not to say that it happens a lot. It’s just that at the times where that has happened, it sticks with me.

In a way, I see how it comes about. Ever since I decided to take my creative writing more seriously, my writing has – and continues – to develop as I gain a better understand for moralities, life, and the world. It deepens the older I get, and as a result, as a writer, I develop a better grasp on questioning the aspects that make no sense to me. Moments of sadness and meditations on deeper subject matter are the products of this ongoing growth.

So even though I’m self aware of what tone I’m posing in the provided context, I’m still taken aback when I receive such a comment. I’m never sure how to respond, so I often opt for apologizing for causing the waterworks. Some people tell me that it’s a good thing whenever such a reaction occurs, for it’s a sign that my writing skills have developed the power to move people’s emotions.

At the same time, I cannot help think to myself: Do I really want to be known as the jerk writer who makes people cry, even if I’m not intentionally trying to? Besides, I do have a wide variety of stories to tell. The last thing I want is to drive people away, thinking that they’re going to weep from consuming my work.

Personally, I’m hardly ever the one to cry over reading a book or watching a TV show or film. Consider me a rock or a soul-less being, but I think it has to do with the fact that I know that what is happening on the page or screen isn’t real (unless if it’s non-fiction that is). It has to take a lot to get me to tear up over fiction.

Getting back to my original point, how should I respond to people who I accidentally cause to cry over my writing? This is something I want to eventually figure out as I go forward with my journey as a writer.

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