Bruce Lee the Misfit: Recommended Listening

In the midst of  “Stories High” coming to an end, along with a number of time-consuming moments throughout the past week, figuring out a topic for this week’s post proved to be a challenge. In turn, it wound up being a blessing in disguise, for it gives me an excuse to provide another Recommended Analyzing piece.

In a past blog post, I had recommended listening to an episode from the Bruce Lee Podcast; a podcast co-hosted by Shannon Lee (Bruce’s daughter) and Sharon Lee (no relation) on his life and philosophy. Well today, I would like to recommend listening to another episode from the podcast; the episode being the one released this week: Episode #64 A Population of Misfits.

The word “misfit” is one that’s commonly used in a negative light. However, Shannon and Sharon go in depth on how really it’s a word for a person whose ideas and thoughts don’t have a place within the world yet, and so make do with creating a space for them through exploration. Bruce was an example of such in more ways than one, and with the 1960’s being a time where a cultural shift was heavily taking place, it was no wonder that the ideas for “Population of Misfits” came about then.

I think of the ideas expressed in this episode and how they even reflect back on the conversation I had with a friend of mine just last night; on being knowledgeable yet willfully curious in our designated passions, that everyone else around us may or may not be too receptive to our outlooks. To learn about and understand that similarity in Bruce is something that I find exhilarating.

I encourage you to give it a listen. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a misfit of sorts, who knows. Maybe this episode might have you thinking otherwise.

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