A Message Out into the Universe

It doesn’t really feel right to write about any of my usual topics and directions for this week, given all that has been going on recently.

For those who are wondering, I have been spared the trauma that is being caused by the fires occurring here in Northern California. The areas it’s affecting is a few hours away from where I reside. The only effect we’re experiencing is the smoke that’s creeping its way down to the rest of the Bay Area; with warnings going about to avoid going outside unless if you absolutely have to. It smells really bad outside, and it’s not going away for quite some time.

With that, along with everything that’s coming out about the low-life Harvey Weinstein really is, the continual aftermath following both the Las Vegas shooting and the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico, all the while Trump not doing anything to help, it’s a difficult time; especially if you toss in the personal issues I’m dealing with.

As a result, I just want this post to be a message sent out into the universe (for that’s really the only entity worth believing): Work hard to make your goals in life come true, and if no one helps, then they’ll only have themselves to blame the day you become successful. If you want to make a change, persevere and persist, for not all change is set to happen overnight. Above all else, in both instances, if you have something to say, make yourself be heard, loud and clear, by any means necessary. Whether you believe it or not, there is someone out there listening.


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