Thoughts About #metoo

A lot of craziness has been going throughout this year, but it feels like this month in particular has really been chalked full of full-on craziness. Part of me wishes that I had taken a hiatus from blogging this month. But then when something like the #metoo movement starts up, I then realize it’s crucial for me as a writer to shed some light on the topic.

I can imagine that many of you are already familiar with what the #metoo movement is. It’s been going on this past week on social media following Harvey Weinstein getting kicked out of his own company following a number of sexual harassment allegations made against him by several actresses. It’s a movement where numerous women (and some men) have come forward and share that they too have faced sexual harassment and assault in their lives as well, just to show how normalized of a behavior it is.

I’m a firm believer in storytelling having the power to cause much needed change to occur. The only thing I’m bothered by in this case is the fact that this is event a discussion. In a perfect world, men would have the brains and the endurance to treat all girls and women – not just the ones in their lives – with respect. The fact that this movement is going on further proves that men and women are not equal in this day and age; not in the least bit. So yes, I’m glad that #metoo is going on. I just wish we didn’t have to have it.

Some people have simply posted #metoo and leave it as that. Others have gone more in depth on just what they’ve been through. It sickens me that so many of my peers have experienced it in their lives and that there’s a possibility that those who haven’t said anything may have too.

At first, I didn’t think I have experienced anything that could be considered sexual harassment or assault. No one has ever tried doing anything to me of what Harvey Weinstein has done to numerous actresses. That’s not to say I’ve been through bad experiences based solely off of the fact that I’m female. I’ve experienced catcalling. I’ve been stalked by an ex-boyfriend. I’ve experienced gender discrimination from a family member. To consider any of that sexual assault or harassment sounded like too strong of a description to go by. However, it took a few peers for me to realize that what I’ve experienced do, in fact, count, and that it’s important to shed light on even the less obvious instances. That’s how you bring an end to sexual harassment in its full form.

While I encourage the #metoo movement to keep going, I also encourage men to be more proactive in making this behavior stop (for let’s be real: you guys are the ones who’ve cause it to happen) and that the higher powers of all and any organizations and companies remove those who are at fault for continuing this behavior. It shouldn’t even be a discussion. The more these stories are shared, maybe it will enough to finally remove Trump from office as well.

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