Inspiration Between Universes Part II: Recommended Reading

This week’s post is coming to you with the intent to lead you elsewhere, for as you are reading this, I am out exploring the Pacific Northwest for my first time. As a result, it seemed well timed for another opportunity for Recommended Analyzing, as I give way to an analysis piece regarding the latest “Star Wars Rebels” episode; where a mysterious yet highly anticipated creature is finally introduced into this galaxy far far away.

“Star Wars Rebels,” a show that I’ll go to the ends of the earth for in praising its willingness and execution in exploring the more spiritual and philosophical elements surrounding the Force, has welcomed a brand new creative into the canon; the Loth-Wolf. Originally believed to be extinct, they are large creatures native to the planet Lothal. Not too much is known about them at this time, but they appear to have a strong connection with the Force.

In this in-depth analysis piece written by Amy Ratcliffe for Nerdist, she draws comparisons to how the Loth-Wolf is very similar to the wolf gods presented in Hayao Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke;” from their larger than real life size, the way they speak, and even how they appear in a time when their homes are facing utter destruction. Also, as previously mentioned in Part I of this inspiration between universes, the character Ahsoka was inspired by San, and her untold storyline of how she escaped Order 66 involved the assistance of several large wolves.

It’s not just between these two universes where inspiration blooms, but Ratcliffe notes how some of the inspiration comes from real life too. Apart from show creator/executive producer Dave Filoni being a big lover of wolves, he also shares how in real life, people tend to view them as either one of two ways; as either being evil creatures or guides. In many ways, that’s very much like how the Force has both Light and Dark Sides, depending on one’s perspective.

This article Ratcliffe wrote does a very good job of not only breaking down the inspiration for these creatures, but also on theorizing the possibilities for who or what they are and what they know. While I feel we probably won’t have to wait too long for answers, I still find the subject matter about the Loth-Wolves both fun and enlightening to ponder on.

So give the article a read if you feel up to it, for above all else, it’s another fine example of how inspiration can come about from different universes; including our own.

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