Happy 1st Anniversary to “An Absolute Mind”!

If I feel that the calendar year of 2017 is moving at the speed of light, then you can only imagine how stunned I am that three days ago marked one year since I released my second novel, An Absolute Mind. It was conceived four years prior, and spent two and a half years in the making before being released out to the world, at the beginning of a turning point in history for the United States. Just to jog your memory as to what this novel is about, here is the synopsis:

Sonya Ogino, a bright but uncertain college student, is struggling to declare a major before the end of her sophomore year, when she suddenly finds her life changed forever when she learns she is a carrier of a genetically evolved, cognitive ability called Absolute Memory.

After she is almost killed, her beloved godmother arranges for her to be transported to the mysterious “safe island” of Palekaiko; where many other Absolute Memory carriers from all over the country reside. However, once she uncovers the real forces in charge of Palekaiko, together with a team of fellow carriers – including a ukulele-playing, self-proclaimed uber fan of Phil Collins – Sonya must summon the inner endurance to rise and fight inaction with action.

Set in an optimistic future, this is a story about trust and legacy, about what makes sense and nonsense, repetitive history and the meaning of freedom, and the value and power of mind and memory.

It’s been a year, I cannot believe the response it has gotten in the time since then. One of my goals for when An Absolute Mind was released was to market it better than I had done with A Moment’s Worth, and in many ways, I’ve accomplished just that. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss it on podcasts. Publications at my alma mater have done features about me about it. Copies of of the book have been made available in both my alma mater’s library and my high school’s library. A bookstore in San Francisco sells copies of it. I’ve done readings from my book; something that I’ve always wanted to do as an author. Many people have read this book and can see the contextual parallels to everything that is going on in this political climate we are in (someone has even asked if I’m psychic).

So in those regards, the book has been doing really well, and I thank all the people who’ve made all of this happen. Had people not been as responsive, then I would have been able to say all of that just now.

At the same time, I also look at what could be better. I’m facing a similar issue to last time where a number of my friends have said they will read it, but never follow through. In addition, with two novels under my belt now, I would hope to have gained more support through peeps in my networks; in particular those who constantly preach about the importance of supporting Asian American artists. Despite that, I still find myself being constantly overlooked by them. It’s one of those things where you can’t help wonder just what it is that I have to do that will finally get their attention.

It’s been a year, and the novel is as relevant as ever before. It’s because of that that I have every intention to continue promoting it as much as I can; even while I continue to move forward as an author and focus on writing my third novel.

So if you haven’t read An Absolute Mind yet, you can purchase it from mainly wherever books are sold; including but not limited to Amazon, Arkipelago Books, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords. If you’ve read it, then I’d appreciate it if you can write a review for it for either the vendor you bought it from or for the book’s Goodreads page. It helps other people find it and your feedback will help aid in my continual growth as an author.

One year down; many more to come.

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