Thoughts About Storytelling in Other People’s Universes

As storytellers of varying mediums, we carry the gift of not only coming up with unique characters experiencing interesting situations that can span across genres, but we also contain the ability to create entirely unique universes. No story has to take place here on Earth, as worlds of different kinds can become the setting stage, for the likely event of something truly extraordinary taking place that would otherwise be impossible – at least, for the most part. But with so many stories and narratives already out there that have stood the test of time in terms of relevancy and popularity, it can be tempting to also consider the possibility: What would it be like to apply one’s storytelling gift in another person’s universe?

Now before I go any further, let me clarify now that by posing this question, I am not referring to fan fiction. Fan fiction, while using the fictional setting of another’s creation, also depicts characters of that universe as well, and often in questionable scenarios. Fan fiction is often done without the original creator’s permission and may or may not cross the line that is copyright infringement. As a result, I have no respect for the genre, and would not take lightly of anyone caught writing fan fiction using my characters and universes.

So what exactly do I mean by storytelling in another person’s universe? By this I mean creating and telling the stories of original characters within the universe of another’s creation, so long as it canonically makes sense. While not always the case, I also value these kinds of stories, especially when the original creator or powers give the official okay. It allows room for more points of view to be explored and more in depth looks at different subject matter that may have not been as heavily investigated in the original work. You can perhaps see why above all else, the opportunity of telling stories in another’s universe does more than just appeasing to fan service and one’s own admiration of the original work.

There aren’t too many examples to go by where such fictional universes exist with multiple stories told from many different people. Really the only exception that I can think of is the “Star Wars” universe. Ever since George Lucas graced us with the original film over 40 years ago, multiple films, TV series, novels, and comic books have since been set within that galaxy far, far away from numerous storytellers over time, and even more so now with the new films and what not. Personally, I would love nothing more than to be invited by Disney to write a book set within this beloved universe; and see there, that is the thing. I don’t feel comfortable with just doing it for the sake of doing it without official permission from the company who has since bought the franchise back into our lives.

The only issue is that in these scenarios, renowned authors are often brought on to tackle these projects; for the sake of experience and having two familiar names collaborating. Well, my logic is that if you can give actors John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, who just a few years ago were unknowns, a chance at being the stars in the sequel trilogy, then I don’t see the issue in having a relatively unknown writer in adding to the number of stories set within the “Star Wars” universe.

There are so many original stories and universes that predate the ones of our creation. If given the opportunity, what kind of story would you want to tell in one of them?

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