Special Sunday Post: How to Get in Contact with Me

Okay, so I’ve heard from others in the past on how it’s a little difficult to contact me. That doesn’t surprise me that that is the case, and I apologize. As an independent author, I don’t have any representatives to answer any inquiries that may come in, and as a way to protect myself from spam messages and messages from no life low-lives, I find it necessary to limit just who is able to get in touch with me. Having a business card of mine will make that avenue several times easier. For everyone else though, if you want to contact me, this is how you can do it:

If you have an account on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Goodreads, you can direct message (DM) me through either of those platforms. That way, at least I easily identify as to whether or not who I’m talking to is legit. If you want to reach out to me to specifically regarding an event or a talk you want to invite me to do, you can fill out and submit this Google Form that’s been available for a while. You can also access it from the menu above as an extension of the “About” section.

Please don’t make me regret making this easier on you all. If you absolutely need to contact me directly, you now know how to do that. Otherwise, I hope to hear from you on just the regular tweets and comments on Twitter (@akolaurenlola), Instagram (@akolaurenlola), Goodreads, and of course, this website.

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