Looking Back and Forward at Collaborations

A year ago, I spoke of how I was ready to do creative collaborations. I even spoke of the ones that have already started happening then. Merging into the first quarter of 2017, I learned quite a bit about what it means to collaborate, as well as creating guidelines for myself to abide by; particularly when it came to projects where it was evident that they would not work out. Now, with a few weeks remaining of the year, I look back on the collaborations that have happened.

As made evident if you’ve been following along, most of the collaborations I’ve taken part in this year have been by way of the theatre world. Apart from getting to work with a troupe of geeks as a writer and producer of “The Geek Show,” this would follow up later with my participation in “Stories High;” where I contributed a script that was brought to life by a small cast and an open-minded, first time director. Theatre has been a love of my life that I could never find a proper place for myself in in the past. Getting the opportunities to write, produce, and work with others to bring such stories to life has been quite a rewarding experience.

There have been other opportunities that have come up for collaborations that I’ve accepted. Unfortunately, a few of them are still on hold for different reasons, and at this time, I don’t know when progress will start back up again on them. It really has been mainly in the theatre world where my goal to collaborate has started to become a reality.

In doing these collaborations, they’ve also carved niches in smaller goals I had set out for myself. I mentioned a year ago how I wanted to broaden my writing out to other platforms and mediums, so as to reach a wider audience; especially when getting an audience to read my books proves to be challenging. So far, it appears to be working, as I’ve had attendees of both “The Geek Show” and “Stories High” either come up to me or message me, telling me how much they liked my work (or in the case of my “Stories High” piece “Common Ground,” made them cry). My words are making people feel something, which is a goal I’m finally starting to see occur.

The other smaller goal that I’m surprisingly seeing realized is the lingering beginnings of repairing my ability to trust people. Through working to put on these two shows, in particular “The Geek Show,” I’ve become close with the people I’ve worked with to make it happen. As a result, without even realizing it, people have taken note of my guarded personality and every now and then would encourage me to tell them what’s up if I’m feeling up to it. I can’t say that the flood gates have been sprung open, but I do admit to revealing a little bit of why I can be so tightly wound. I have the collaboration to thank for that.

I’ve seen my goal to partake in creative collaborations come true this year, and I want to see it through again in the coming year as well. I have every intent on still doing so through theatre, where I’m currently attached to one – if not two – shows (one of them is still pending at this time).

At the same time, I want to kick it up a notch. I want to see if I can get any short films written and shot at all in the next twelve months. I also want to see if I can possibly write for any of the musicians that I have ties to out there. To write for the screen and/or a song are goals that I would love to see realized.

To my creative friends: I called out to you last year and have been fortunate to create beautiful things with you this past year. I await to see which of you whom I haven’t worked with yet would be interested and collaborating on something in the coming year.

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