Two Songs, One Vibe: Recommended Reading

There’s just been so much going on this past week – writing scripts, setting up interviews – that I figured that I make this first post for February another opportunity for some Recommended Analyzing.

Have you ever listened to two songs and thought to yourself, They would go very well together in a mash-up? Well, that’s certainly been coming to mind for me. One of the tracks from “The Hamilton Mixtape” album, “Wrote My Way Out,” has been on my radar as of lately; particularly because the music video for it was dropped a few weeks ago. In this song, it constantly references how Alexander Hamilton wrote his way out of the unfortunate circumstances he was in, and how that parallels with the life stories of the artists featured on this track: Nas, Aloe Blacc, Dave East, and “Hamilton” creator himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

It’s imaginably a powerful song, and having it on repeat recently, it’s having me think back to another song that I like as well; and that is the single, “Remember the Name,” from Fort Minor’s 2005 album, “The Rising Tide.” Chances are you’ve heard this song before, as it is about the blood, sweat, and tears poured into achieving a goal in life. In the case of Fort Minor’s Mike Shinoda, it’s about the hard work put into making it as a musician.

Now obviously, these songs have their share of differences, both lyrically and thematically. But ultimately, the shared commonality that these two songs share, despite being released over a decade apart, is about using your work ethic and creative abilities to overcome any boundaries tossed your way and making it. That’s the shared vibe I see in both of these powerful songs, and by way of restructuring the pacing of the instrumental and finding a way for the lyrics to combine and flow together, I can definitely see a mash-up of them.

So read the lyrics for both “Wrote My Way Out” and “Remember the Name” and see if you are able to catch onto what I see in them. I would love it if someone actually attempted creating a mash-up of these two songs.

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