More Than Just Another Marvel Movie: Recommended Viewing

With an overwhelming occurrence of events – some good, some not so good – happening throughout this past week, might as well make today’s post another Recommended Analyzing piece. The material I have provided today is quite interesting in my eyes, and many will find it quite timely.

In case you haven’t heard of it, there’s this YouTube channel that I have been following for almost a year now called Just Write. If you’re like me who not only loves diving headfirst into stories in books, TV, and film, but also appreciate studying the anatomy of it, then this is a YouTube channel for you. These video essays created by Canadian YouTuber Sage Hyden are incredibly informative, and his channel is definitely worth subscribing to.

The video that I want to particularly focus on for today is on how the latest Marvel movie, “Black Panther,” has touched on and improved many of the flaws found in other Marvel movies. Apart from being the first superhero movie featuring a predominantly Black cast, composer Ludwig Goransson created a memorable score, there are several strong female characters featured throughout, the villain is an interesting, complex character, the movie avoids using the technique of bathos, and it touches on challenging subject matter like privilege and colonization.

I saw “Black Panther” on opening day, and I really liked it for pretty much all the same reasons as everyone else. This video essay does a good job of going even further into those reasons. I should note though that for those who, for some reason, still haven’t seen the movie yet, this video contains spoilers. My advisement is to wait until after watching “Black Panther,” in order to really appreciate and understand the points addressed.

Great video Sage, and Ryan Coogler, my hat’s off to you for actually creating a Marvel movie that I can call a favorite.

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