A Snapshot of My Identity: Recommended Reading

Apart from it being the first Saturday of the month (as it appears to become the norm with these particular posts), I am also out today, working a gig. So naturally, it’s time for another Recommended Analyzing post. This actually makes for convenient timing to share with you all, today of all days, an essay that I had published a few weeks ago for Multiracial Media.

Today is the opening for the hapa.me exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. It is a follow-up to artist Kip Fulbeck’s Hapa Project from 2001, where new photos and stories are shared of those who identify as Hapa. I am one of many participants of this new iteration of the project, and in the essay, I share my experience of meeting with and being photographed by Kip, as well as why being a participant in this project means so much to me.

Being mixed race is a vital part of my identity; one that I’ve had to come to terms with on my own, beginning in my teenage years. It’s a part of myself that I integrate into my writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and it’s a subject that I’ve become well-versed in, all the while still learning about. My essay goes into that more, and how I’ve come a long way to participating in a thoughtful project such as this.

So give the essay a read, and feel free to let me know what your thoughts are. If you’re in Los Angeles, the event celebrating the opening of the hapa.me exhibit begins today at 12:00pm. Otherwise, the exhibit will remain on display at the museum until October 28th.

An Absolute Mind is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & NobleCreateSpace, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. If you read it, please leave a review, for they’re greatly appreciated, they help me grow as a writer, and they help with getting other people to find out about it. Also, be sure to check out its Goodreads page, and feel free to leave any questions you have about the book.



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