Thoughts About Playing with Ideas

Maybe this is happening because I made the decision in indefinitely put my third novel on hiatus. Perhaps it’s also that I’m working on a screenplay right now that has me thinking in the scheme of what I would want to write in the form of prose.

Ideas are coming to me as of lately. I won’t say what for, and I can’t say they are fully formed either. I just know that they are specks of something significant enough to where if I take them and flesh them out more, they can become something quite extraordinary. They’re enough to where I’m entertaining the idea of polishing them into magnificent gems.

Given the circumstances surrounding my reasoning for putting my third novel on hiatus, these ideas bring me relief; relief in that there are stories out there that I am both capable and ready of taking on when done properly.  It also just goes to show that I am constantly thinking ahead at what the next project is going to be, and that my mind is everywhere.

Again, I can only take on so many works at once, and so as of currently, the screenplay is the main priority. But once that is all done, I can then focus on these nuggets that contain the ingredients for what has yet to be created.

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