4 Years of “A Moment’s Worth”

If I thought the stretch of time between 2014 and last year was prominent, imagine what I’m feeling now. Tomorrow will mark four years since the release of A Moment’s Worth; my debut novel that focused on three core subjects throughout the storylines: the interconnections among the human race, the fine line between what is real and what could be a dream, and the value of moments in time.

What makes this anniversary a little different is that there’s another one to acknowledge alongside it, for three days ago marked one year since the release of “46;” the short story companion to A Moment’s Worth where Yvonne and Justin fight Islamophobia at a newly opened BART station.

I’ve expressed before on how to write A Moment’s Worth as it is in today’s time would basically be impossible, as the political climate is practically a parasite to the brain. It was written at a different time in both my life and the world, where optimism was easier to maintain.

But with “46” having been out in the world for the past year, it brings depth to two of the characters from the novel, and adds a layer of relevancy that wasn’t there before. It is the connecting tissue to the past and the present; from one reality to another, and in a way I personally found resonating.

I can’t speak these sentiments for those who’ve actually read both works. What I do hope is that if they have, then I hope they see how the two complement each other, in the most subtle way possible. As for those who haven’t, I really hope you do take the time to read them both. Not only would you be doing me favor by providing an effect to my cause – being the reader in this equation – but if you remain open-minded enough, maybe you might walk away with a different outlook on the world.

Both A Moment’s Worth and “46” are only available as ebooks and can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and other venues and outlets as well.

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