Of Identity and Tourism: Recommended Reading and Listening

It’s been a few months since I’ve had any material to recommend to you, and so today appears to be a wise day to get back to doing that. What makes today’s recommendation unique is apart from it coming in two folds, it’s also material from a different author.

Rebecca Roanhorse is an author I came across recently, by way of the LeVar Burton Reads podcast. When he gave an excerpt of what story to expect for him to read to kick off season three, it was a short story from the author called “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience (TM).” Published in 2017 by Apex Magazine, the Nebula Award-winning short story follows the mind-binding events of a tour guide, who leads virtual reality experiences for people who want to see what it’s like to be Native American.

Just from the sneak peak alone, I was so intrigued by this world Roanhorse created. I went ahead and read the short story itself the night before the podcast episode was released, followed by listening to it come alive with Burton’s enthusiastic reading and accompanying sound effects the following day. Experiencing the story in both forms was exhilarating. It’s so topical to just some of what is prominent in the public conscious nowadays, while intermixed with the potential future of what VR can become, in stellar sci-fi fashion.

Roanhorse has a voice that I want to hear more from, which is why I’m currently on hold for her debut novel, Trail of Lightning, at the library I use. If you want to read “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience (TM),” you can read it here. To listen to Burton read it, you can hear it here (it is Episode 25). Be sure to also subscribe to his podcast if you’re interested in hearing him read more excellent short stories.

Please note that I was not asked by either Roanhorse nor Burton to write this piece. I just love both projects and I wanted to make other people aware of them.

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2 Replies to “Of Identity and Tourism: Recommended Reading and Listening”

    1. Awesome! I’m so glad you’re enjoying his podcast. It’s both nostalgic (him being the “Reading Rainbow” host and all) and fresh, for it’s rare to be read to as an adult. You’re in for a treat with this story, bydhttmwfi. 😉

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