Special Sunday Post: Ko-fi Reminder

Hey everyone!

I know that this is an unplanned post during my hiatus, but I found it a wise time to remind you about my Ko-fi campaign. For those who don’t know, six months ago, I signed up for the crowdfunding platform, in hopes of receiving support for all the writing that I do. While it sounds very similar to Patreon, the primary difference is that unlike Patreon, there’s no monthly commitment. You can donate however much you like and however frequently you like.

My long term goal is to become a full-time writer, but that can’t happen if I hardly get paid for my writing. I’ve arrived at the point where I can’t accept as much free work anymore, and while I have started picking up a few freelancing gigs within recent time, it’s still not nearly enough.

Plus, as I revealed the other day, I’ve been working on a feature-length screenplay that I’m going to start submitting to competitions in the coming year, and there’s without a doubt going to be some where I’m going to have to pay a certain fee in order to submit my work. It would definitely help to have some assistance with paying these fees.

I am one of those people who have such a hard time asking for help, especially when it comes to money, and so the fact that I’m even reminding you all about my Ko-fi campaign is requiring a lot of effort on my end. So if you like what I write and are able to, please go support me on Ko-fi. Remember: the more support I receive, the more likely I will make perks available down the line.

Thank you!


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