Less Talking, More Voting (POLL)

So there’s nothing specific lined up in the ways of topics for this week, which is why I find now to be just as good of a time to bring up this poll again the I originally created back in January.

For those who don’t know, this summer will mark five years since my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth, was released. It’s more of an experimental novel than An Absolute Mind, as it focuses on multiple narratives dealing with the interconnection among the human race, the fine line between what is real and what could be a dream, and the value of moments in time.

Also unlike An Absolute Mind, it is not available in a physical format. You can currently only buy it and read it as an eBook. The question is, should I make available in a physical format for its fifth anniversary? If I devote time to making this happen, will readers out there be interested in it? As someone who has three jobs now, I want to know if it would be worth my effort along with everything else I’ve got going on.

I’ve started a poll when I first made this inquiry, and today, I’m revealing how this poll now has a deadline. You have until the end of this month to vote for whether or not I should go forward with making a physical copy of A Moment’s Worth available. Just vote either “yes” or “no.” It only takes a few seconds. I’d also appreciate it if you can pass along this poll to everyone else in your network.

So please let me know, and if you haven’t already, please consider giving A Moment’s Worth a read. You can purchase it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Smashwords, Kobo and more! Be sure to please give it a review if you have or do wind up reading it.

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