The General Flow of My Blog Posts

For those who’re just discovering my website/blog for the first time:

It generally starts with either something that is on my mind or something that is topical to the general public in that moment. I flesh it out with enough explanation to get the reader on the same page as me, before elaborately proceeding forward with connecting said subject to the process of storytelling.

From there, I dive even further into my thesis, maybe making reference to a source or two online – with hyperlinks, of course – that support the angle I’m taking. I’ll really go in-depth on the subject presented in the chosen context for maybe a paragraph or two (or more). I might even provide an example of someone else – more often than not, maybe someone I admire – and how the subject plays a role in their life.

Then, in typically the second to last paragraph of my blog post, I’ll indirectly answer the question of why I’m writing specifically about that topic for that day. More often than not, the answer is in the form of a personal anecdote, and so understandably, the subject runs particularly deep for me, as I hope the same could go for anyone reading.

The conclusion is punctuated like a swift flick of a pen; firm and impacting, and maybe leaving the reader thinking what they make of the subject in their own life.

This part is usually reserved for encouraging the reader to support me in some way; whether that be buying and reading my novels, or making a donation to my nearly year-old Ko-fi campaign. There may be occasional emphasis on why it would mean so much, especially as an indie writer that doesn’t have that large of a following.

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