Thoughts About Reciprocation

After a few long, busy, and exhausting weeks, I am back to blogging. If you’ve been following along with what has had me occupied, then you probably know that I’ve been working at a film festival. Filmmakers from all over the country – and the world – flew in to be a part of this experience; to celebrate their works along with others. I was there to help make it as successful as possible.

Going beyond the film festival, I feel that that has also become my life in some way; going around and supporting other people’s creative endeavors. From the people who are a part of my life to the people I follow online, opportunities to support creatives are a constant. This person has a show on this day at this time, so please be there! This person just launched a Patreon, so if you can, please become a patron! This person started a podcast, so please listen, subscribe, and leave a rating! This person’s film opens this weekend, so be sure to go see it to have count towards the ticket sales!

It just goes on and on; so much to where I’ve grown so used to the verbiage. It’s embedded in my brain. That’s not to say I go and support every single thing that comes onto my radar. I’m just saying that there’s a lot that does enter my awareness.

But what comes to mind as of late is is there a limit to how far I should go with supporting others’ creative endeavors when there’s rarely a reciprocal? I know that’s not the goal when it comes to showing support for others. What I am saying is that it should be a no brainer; especially if the person you’re supporting knows that you’re a creative too. Now don’t get me wrong, for I also understand that everyone knows what they like and that what you create might not be their cup of tea. But let me just say this though: It gets tiring when I hear from others that they want to read my book(s), and yet they don’t budge.

This topic is on my mind a lot, but especially this month. As we enter the final days of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, let’s remember that we creatives – especially those in this particular community – are not and should not be in competition with one another. We should be about helping each other succeed. In order for that to happen, reciprocation is key. Believe it or not, it is not at all beneficial to anyone if support is only going in one direction.

If you are able to, I hope you can go support me in all that I do by leaving a tip over on Ko-fi. I do a lot of writing that I get paid very little for or not at all, and so this is a way of showing your support other than just reading my content. Donations of varying quantities and frequencies are greatly appreciated.

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