A Spotlight on a Meaningful Bookstore: Recommended Reading

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Recommended Analyzing piece, and I figured it would make for a good way to kick off a new month. The article I am recommending today was just published this past week in Inquirer.net; a Filipino/Filipino American-based news outlet. Writer Christina Oriel wrote a feature that spotlights a very meaningful book based in San Francisco’s SoMa District: Arkipelago Books.

The article goes in great detail about the history of the bookstore and how it is constantly in motion of being revamped. It is one of only two Filipino bookstores in the United States, and despite having been around for a little over two decades, it still attracts new customers to this day. It’s been under its second generation of owners for two years now, it has events going on almost every month, and there’s almost always something new to find in its inventory.

There’s a reason for why I’m highlighting this article. Arkipelago Books is currently the only physical bookstore to carry physical copies of An Absolute Mind, and I was fortunate to have been one of the first authors to have an event there under its new ownership. It’s only right to say that Arkipelago Books has played quite a role in my journey as an author, and so I hope people will take the time to learn the role this bookstore plays to the community it’s based in.

So go give the article a read, and if you live in or are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, please swing by Arkipelago Books. You never know what you might find.

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