I Created a Second Website!

Yes, I can see how this can appear as a very click baity title, but I didn’t want to beat around the bush. I want to just jump to it. This was certainly not something that I saw myself doing a year ago, and when I joined The Nerds of Color a few months ago, I thought that the idea of ever starting up a second site was put to bed.

But the fact of the matter is that all the writing I did for the two and a half years I was a part of YOMYOMF is still not viewable to the public, and as I found out recently, the archives of the once active API-based pop culture blog is set to private out of legal reasons. But all the writers still hold the rights to their own work, and I didn’t want all the work I had done kept away from the world anymore. So that’s where my second website, Drifting Back Around, comes in.

For the next few months, I will make a majority of the posts I did for YOMYOMF available to the public once more. There’s no set schedule (two have already been released within the last week) and with the exception of these first two, I aim to release these pieces in chronological order. However, if there is a post that you want to see sooner rather than later, you can actually send in a request for it here. I know that a lot of my past interviewees have been wondering about the whereabouts of the feature pieces I did about them, so they will have priority.

Because everything on Drifting Back Around are all past posts, I will not be including them in my monthly What Did I Miss? lists. You will have to go to the website itself to keep up to date on it.

You can read the introductory post of Drifting Back Around here where I pretty much say exactly what I said here, but with more information about what YOMYOMF was all about. I hope you’ll come along for the ride as I make these posts available to the world once more.



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