A Love Letter to the Hard-Working Millennial: Recommended Viewing

In the midst of Disney+ taking over everyone’s lives (and time), today I want to take some time to shed light on and recommend a short film that just came out this week, and not from the House of Mouse. It’s a touching film from a creative force I have hailed multiple times in my little corner of the Internet: Wong Fu Productions. For Recommended Analyzing, today I am recommending their latest short film, “A Difference Between.”

Written and shot in Toronto, Canada within 72 hours, “A Difference Between” follows the story of a woman (Julie Zhan) and a man (Jason Chan) who cross paths via an Uber ride. They cross paths in the midst of the crossroads of their own lives. While she just got done being interviewed for a dream job, he is in between jobs and trying to find something to do that he’ll genuinely love. As the film comes to explore and as the video description indicates, “there’s a difference between seeing a direction and discovering a path.”

I see this short from Wong Fu as kind of a love letter to the hard-working Millennial. While the subject matter dealt with can be just as applicable for generations that came before us who were once in our stage of life, it’s the subtle nuances that make it more geared for my generation. Even when Jason’s character is in between jobs, he’s not spending his entire time job hunting, as he’s still making money in the mean time being a driver. For Julie’s character, her desire to get this dream job is a driving force both as a woman of color and as someone with access to opportunities her mother was deprived of.

“A Difference Between” was written and directed by Wong Fu co-founder Wesley Chan; a creative whose vision I have a deep admiration for. As a screenwriter, he has a knack for conveying deep and thoughtful subject matter into stories people connect to. As a director, he brings the story out through effective performances from the actors and the visuals that complement the serene feeling that, more often than not, are present in his works.

“A Difference Between” is a simple yet thought-provoking short film that I strongly recommend you go watch. It’s definitely another reminder for as to why I really want to write a short film for Wong Fu one day.

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