Art Imitating Life

I believe in the past on this blog, I’ve talked plenty of times about life imitating art. More often than not, it’s particularly eerie when you’re a sci-fi writer, whose story is set in a fictional future, and then events in real life begin to bear some level of resemblance to ideas and occurrences you had initially constructed inΒ  your mind.

But what about when art begins imitating life? While yes, this can apply to instances of being inspired by what’s actually happening around you, what if the art you construct is something that you don’t even realize right away is something that bears similarities to real life?

For life to imitate art, it’s a sign of the creative being intelligent enough to anticipate what’s to come before it fully comes into fruition. Maybe it can even be considered a subconscious prediction. For art to (unintentionally) imitate life, I believe this also comes from a subconscious place as well; as subconscious inspiration more than anything else. It’s a sign of life influencing you without you even immediately realizing it, for better or for worse.

I’ve been experiencing this a lot as of late, as I channel my efforts into completing my novel this year. What I’ve noticed as I look ahead as to what’s yet to come in the story, I’ve begun to realize how some of these choices I am making are eerily similar to some of the current events we’ve been having as of late. While I always knew that the political climate was bound to influence the story to some degree, I’m really starting to realize by just how much, and as constructively as possible.

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