What Did I Miss?: May 2020

Published Works

Director Alice Wu and Actor Leah Lewis on the Whole Story of Making “The Half of It” – For the Center for Asian American Media, I give a glimpse at the making of Alice Wu’s first film since “Saving Face” and how the lead actor landed and approached the project.

Action, Depth, and Poetry Mark the End of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ – For The Nerds of Color, I capture the essence of what made the first “Star Wars” computer-animated TV series so beloved and recap its long overdue finale.

Flash Cuts Producer and Founder on the Making of “Asian Americans” – For the Center for Asian American Media, I shed a light on the post-production facility responsible for making this five-part documentary series a reality.

Drama Del Rosario Takes a Personal Approach to Making His Personal Documentaries – For the Center for Asian American Media, I spotlight this prolific documentary filmmaker who’s unafraid to explore personal stories – whether that be the stories of others or himself.

Patricio Ginelsa Reflects Back on the Making of ‘The Apl Song’ Music Video – For The Nerds of Color, following the release of a test shoot for a 2004 Black Eyed Peas music video, I speak with the film director about how that project came together.


Zoom NOC Life | Hard NOC Life – I am one of many guests on this Zoom call/podcast recording with other writers and friends of The Nerds of Color.

The Lin-Mando Takeover of Disney+ | Hard NOC Life – I make a second appearance of this podcast as I discuss with co-hosts Keith Chow and Dominic Mah on both “The Mandalorian” casting rumors and “Hamilton” coming to Disney+ this summer.

Other News

2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists – My screenplay, “An Absolute Mind,” is announced as one of the quarterfinalists for this screenplay competition from ScreenCraft.


Concluded, ‘The Clone Wars’ Have | Hard NOC Life – I’m mentioned a fair number of times throughout this episode as the series finale of “Star Wars: The Clones Wars” is talked in-depth.


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