My Full Statement Regarding Paul Krueger

Although I said something on Twitter, I feel that this is deserving of a full statement from my end:

For those who don’t know, it has recently come to my attention over the past 24 hours that Paul Krueger, author Steel Crow Saga, has a history of harassing people within the publishing industry. While at first, I didn’t know what was going on, the reality came fully formed the more I looked into it.

As someone who has become a fan of his work over the last year, I’m sad, disappointed, and betrayed. However, I cannot imagine what those who’ve been on the receiving end of his harassment have been through. I’m so sorry to all those who’ve been affected and I deeply apologize on my behalf for any harm my support for his work has caused. I thank those who stepped forward and have spoken up.

Since finding out, all previous blog posts on this website about and in support of Krueger’s work has been removed. I’ve deleted my reviews of his works off of Goodreads and I’ve removed, and continue to remove, all and any social media posts of mine about his work.

You might be aware that earlier this year, I did a conversation with him that was being released as a two-part series for Hapa Mag; the first part having come out last month. Well, I’ve since contacted the editors, informed them of the situation, and have since learned that the article will be taken down and part 2 will not be released.

While Steel Crow Saga was the first epic fantasy novel I saw a character like myself appear in, I want to make one thing very clear: Representation does not compensate for what kind of human being the author is in the real world.




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