Stop Asian Hate: Required Action

I took last week off from blogging to deal with the grief, stress, anger, and fear I’ve been following the hate crime in Atlanta. Yes, unlike the police department that has failed in so many ways with handling the crime, I’m referring to it as what it is: a hate crime.

I’m disgusted that this is the third time I’m writing about anti-Asian hate crimes within the past year; a dangerous trend that we in the Asian American community knew was leading up to from the moment Trump coined the terms “China virus” and “Kung flu.” It’s called the Coronavirus Disease 2019, and the Asian community in the United States and the world at large shall not be held responsible for its spread.

I am livid that this spike in attacks has been happening at all over the last year, and even more so that it took the loss of six Asian women for the general public to finally wake up and start caring about what’s been happening in our community. History is repeating itself and it’s long past time for 1. to call them for what they really are (hate crimes) and 2. end them.

I’ve written about this spike twice previously. Go back and read both posts to understand what’s been happening. Look up resources available through Stop AAPI Hate. Donate to Asian Americans Advancing Justice and to the GoFundMe campaigns set up for the families of the victims, as well as for other people who’ve been physically harmed.

It should not just be on the Asian American community to change what has been embedded into the culture of this country over the past several centuries. To get a better understanding on Asian American history, I encourage you to go watch the five-part documentary series “Asian Americans,” which is streaming on PBS for free. I also advise that you check out this documentary Eugene Lee Yang of The Try Guys put out earlier this week about how history connects to the surge in hate crimes that have happened over the last year.

These hate crimes need to end and it requires effort from everyone to make a change.

We need to stop Asian hate.


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