Examining an Evolution: Recommended Reading

For this round of Recommended Analyzing, I wanted to recommend an essay written by someone I know.

Laura Sirikul, whom I write alongside with for The Nerds of Color, dropped an incredibly thoughtful essay this week over on Nerdist. In “The Evolution of the Asian Heroine in Hollywood,” she goes into great detail as to just how much the portrayal of Asian women has changed in Hollywood over the decades. From the history of the harmful stereotypes that kept the likes of Anna May Wong from reaching her fullest potential as an actor, to the barriers being broken in contemporary films such as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Half of It,” and how upcoming releases and projects continue to alter the trajectory of representation.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Laura on several pieces of content that spotlight Asian women and/or are centered on the portrayal of Asian women in current projects. To see this essay from her shows both just how invested she is in this very crucial subject matter and also just how far we’ve come, but how much further we’ve still to go.

Please go give her essay a read, really think about the information she provides throughout, share her piece with your networks, and if you’re in a position of power, think about what you can do to have more well-written, well-rounded Asian women featured onscreen.


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