Thoughts About the Universe Responding

A few months back, I did a post about things I haven’t written, but would definitely like to one day if given the opportunity and resources to do so. What’s interesting is very recently, I’ve been approached and have gotten attached to three different opportunities, all of which were offered to me because of the fact that I’m a writer.

While not all of them are the types of mediums I described in that piece I did, the fact that I would be using my skills as a writer and a storyteller at all is huge to me. Not to mention that all of them are paid opportunities as well, which is something that I would like to see more of in the writing and writing-related projects I do. While I can’t get into specifics about any of them, you’ll be hearing more details about some of them soon enough.

As I had iterated in that piece from a few months ago, they say that the first step in making something happen is by putting it out into the universe. Now originally, I’ve always been a bit pessimistic about that mindset. I what one might call a superstitious realist. I’ve often been of the mindset that if you put something out in the universe, it’s probably not going to happen, because you have the pressure to see it through now that it has been openly expressed, and the dread of whatever it is not happening is what ultimately leads to just that. I’ve seen it happen to others, and as expressed recently, it’s happened to me too.

So you can see then why I’m surprised by these opportunities that are, all of the sudden, coming up for me. Whether or not it’s the universe having anything to do with it, or the fact that the right people are finally recognizing what I’m capable of doing, I can’t complain. It’s incredible! While I definitely feel the imposter syndrome in areas where I don’t have as much experience in, the nice thing about these opportunities I’m taking on is that it is not only making space for me to gain said experience, but most importantly, they’re making space for me to learn.

Admittedly, especially when it comes to writing, I’m well aware of the fact that your craft shouldn’t just depend on the opportunities that come your way. You also have to have the endurance to create opportunities yourself, particularly when none are being offered. But when there are some that do come your way, be sure to value them and go into them with an open mind.

I’m very much looking forward to taking on these opportunities, and I look forward to when I can reveal more information about what specifically they are.

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