Show Your Support on Ko-fi!

There’s a button for it on my homepage. There’s a note of encouragement for it at the bottom of a majority of my blog posts. However, in case you still don’t know by now, about three and a half years ago, I started up a Ko-fi page.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Ko-fi is a crowdfunding platform, but without as much commitment as there is with similar platforms like Patreon. You can tip someone once, you can tip someone on a monthly basis, or really however you see fit. It’s a way for creatives to start building an income from people who like what they do.

I do a lot of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and a lot of it is done with little to no monetary gain. As someone who’s working towards being a professional writer, I feel that this would make for the ultimately starting point in actually seeing something come in for all the writing that I do.

Given the name of the platform, you might think that all the money would go towards things like food and the occasional boba (I don’t drink coffee). But the reality of the matter is that that is only partially true. I have expenses I need to cover in order to see these writing projects become a reality, and while it’s good that I have a day job that allows for me to pay for them, I would like to pull more so from money made from the writing that I do. If you donate to my Ko-fi page, the money will go towards the following:

  • Transcription fees for the interviews that I conduct.
  • Office space rentals (those can be quite pricey).
  • Submission fees to writing competitions, fellowships, and film festivals.
  • My Zoom account (I have the version that doesn’t boot you off after a certain amount of time).

Above all else, the donations will validate my work as a writer. I know that there a lot of people out there who like the work that I do, and throughout the pandemic, I think that number has only grown as we find ourselves online way more so than usual. But I’m making it very clear here that it’s no walk in the park, and anyone who is also a hustling creative can very likely relate to that. That’s why it would mean to much to see some money come from the writing that I do every now and then.

So if you like what I see and want to show some support beyond just sharing links with others, please donate to my Ko-fi page.



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