Coming Next Week: Twisted Tales 2021 Digital One Act Festival

Back in February, I made my debut with Rainy Day Artistic Collective when my short play, “Interview with an Aswang,” was featured in their inaugural Winter One Act Festival. 2021 may almost be over, but before it does, I’m excited to reveal my involvement in their upcoming showcase. Next week, Rainy Day Artistic Collective proudly presents their Twisted Tales Digital One Act Festival; where all ten plays re-imagine ten classic tales.

If you follow me on social media, you may already have gotten a taste of what my play is based on, when an additional actor was being sought out for. My play is called “The Swan” and it’s loosely based on the fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson. Without giving too much away, it plays with the idea of what would happen if the swan formerly known as the ugly duckling went to their high school reunion, and how folks there would respond.

I’m excited to have Laura Uyeki directing once more, and while I haven’t been as hands on with this one due to other obligations I currently have going on, I look forward to seeing how it all pans out. I actually will be tuning in for one of the final rehearsals for it in just a few days. Much like previous plays, I will be diving more into how this play came to be in a commentary coming next week.

The Twisted Tales Festival will be taking place from December 3rd-5th. Unlike the Winter Festival, this showcase will be divided into two blocks. Block A will be shown on December 3rd at 7pm and December 4th at 2pm, whereas Block B will be happening on December 4th at 7pm and December 5th at 2pm (all Pacific Standard Time). If you want to watch both blocks, go for it! However, if you just want to see the one “The Swan” is a part of, Block B is your go-to.

As indicated by the name of the production, this will be livestreamed, but on YouTube this time. There is a suggested donation of $8, which will go towards supporting Rainy Day in creating inclusive theatre.

I hope you’ll tune from wherever you are in the world, and if you do, enjoy the show!

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