Trips Down the Rabbit Hole: Recommended Reading

If there’s one film I’m in high anticipation for this holiday season, it’s “The Matrix Resurrections.” It is the first film from the “Matrix” franchise to come out in 18 years, and from the looks of the trailers, clips, and marketing campaign for it, it’s already setting itself up to be something to look forward to.

That’s why for this final round of Recommended Analyzing for the year, I want to encourage you all to explore my trips down the rabbit hole with my reaction pieces to the original “Matrix” films, as well as “The Animatrix” anthology, for The Nerds of Color. You’ll get a sense of my initial impressions from when I watched all four of these works from the Wachowskis for the first time.

There’s a lot that’s being said in the lead-up to this upcoming installment, but one thing that I don’t think has been talked about yet but should be is that for the younger generations – my generation and Generation Z – we’re at an age where we’re finally old enough to watch the franchise, as well as appreciate it, if we’re open to it, that is. I was in elementary school when the first three films came out. I was too caught up on the “Harry Potter” books and films to even think about what this R-rated sci-fi franchise was even about. To see actors like Jessica Henwick and Jonathan Groff as two of the main characters going into this latest installment feels kind of like an invitation; to where my generation is old enough to even see ourselves in some of the new characters. That’s why for anyone who has read my reaction pieces to the previous “Matrix” works and are scratching your head over some of my observations, it might be because this is coming from a Millennial who was taking them in for the first time.

So please go read my thoughts and reactions to “The Matrix,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” “The Matrix Revolutions,” and “The Animatrix” now on The Nerds of Color. If things go according to plan, with “Resurrections” now less than a week away from release, there might be more coming from me yet, as we prepare to dive once more down the rabbit hole.

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