Meeting David Mitchell

It’s the dawn of a new year with very little to expect. That’s why to kick things off, I decided to have a little fun with this first post for 2022 and share something that happened to me a few weeks ago.

For those who don’t know or don’t follow me on social media, two weeks ago, I was privileged to have attended the U.S. premiere for “The Matrix Resurrections.” Despite there being complete stress and chaos down to the eleventh hour prior to the film showing (which is a story in of itself), it wound up being a wonderful night.

It was equally a jarring one to share the same space as many A-listers. At one point during the afterparty, I was actually within eye shot of Keanu Reeves. But what was maybe the most startling moment for me was prior to going into the theater when I ran into one of my favorite authors: David Mitchell.

If you’ve been reading this here blog since the early days, then you already know what’s up. However, for those who don’t know, here’s a brief breakdown: David Mitchell is an English author known for having penned novels such as Cloud Atlas, Ghostwritten, The Bone Clocks, and more. I read his books religiously when I was in college and he was a major influence when I wrote my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth.

He’s also had a working relationship with both Lana and Lilly Wachowski for quite a while now. They adapted Cloud Atlas into a film (which we don’t need to go into) and he wrote an episode of their show for Netflix, “Sense8.” So when I heard that he was one of the co-writers for this latest installment of the “Matrix” franchise, I was both excited and intrigued at what he would bring to the table.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time I’ve met some of my favorite and influential authors in real life. Again, if you’ve been reading along, you will also know how I’ve met Chris Colfer – the author who unknowingly inspired me to start taking my writing more seriously – a few times before. But in those instances, the interactions were planned. This one wasn’t, especially since it happened at the box office.

I went up to the booth where my envelope of tickets for the evening was waiting for me. Ahead of me was a man. I didn’t think much of him from behind, until I noticed how the woman overseeing the tickets was very excited to see him and took a selfie with him. That’s when I overheard a voice from nearby say, “It’s the author.” By which point, I gasped as I made the connection. My last name begins with L, his last name begins with M. My tickets were in the same box as David Mitchell’s!

Thinking quickly, I removed my mask temporarily. (Don’t worry, this was outdoors. I wasn’t required to have it on at the time, and he didn’t have his on either. I just really wanted to have him see my full face.) Just as he wrapped up, I quickly tapped him on the shoulder. Just to confirm, I asked if he was David Mitchell. He said yes. I then told him how I’m a big fan of his books and that I can’t wait to see what he’s done with the screenplay for the film. He was so kind (and British) as he thanked me and he wished me a wonderful evening.

It’s one thing to fangirl over your favorite celebrity – and by celebrity, I usually mean like actors and music artists; people whose work is typically visual. But only a certain number of the population hold writers to the same standards, and that was definitely the case with me and this chance encounter. As my mom pointed out to me later, she believes it probably meant a lot to him to be recognized for his contributions to this film, when pretty much all the eyes were on the cast and the director.

It made for a bit of a full circle moment to come face-to-face with a writer whose work I got into at the start of my writing career. Even though I’m currently on hiatus from writing novels, seeing him find success as a screenwriter as well has inspired me in a whole other way, as I currently pursue that avenue.

They say not to meet your heroes, but sometimes, there are instances where it’s worth it. It will definitely remain a cherished memory for me, both from that experience and as I continue forward in my career.

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